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  • Block Scissor Grab

    Block Scissor Grab

    Built to transport vertically steel strapped packs of paver blocks, slabs and kerb stones, this universal scissor grab will safely carry up to 1800kg ...

    227 Locations
    1 day
  • Block Grab 1800KG

    Block Grab 1800KG

    Suitable for the lifting and transporting of packs of blocks,bricks, pavers, slabs and kerbs etc

    250 Locations
    1 day
  • Powered Slab Lifter

    Powered Slab Lifter

    Takes the strain out of paving, lift and lay paving stones with minimum effort. Drastically reduces working times and allows for manoeuvrabilty in con...

    250 Locations
    1 day

Power Slab Lifter hire

Lifting, moving and installing slabs, kerbs and stone can be a difficult and backbreaking work. You can make this arduous job lighter and quicker by hiring a mechanical slab, kerb and stone lifter. Hiring a mechanical slab, kerb and stone lifter will make sure that job is completed safely and professionally. A mechanical kerb lifter can be used for lifting and moving kerbstones and a mechanical grab can be used for lifting heavy pre-cast concrete.

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