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You would like to put up a fence in your garden and need the perfect tool to drill the holes for the posts? Why not hire a post hole borer right here on erento. We have post hole borers with various diameters and drilling depths available for rent.

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Post hole borer hire throughout the UK Post hole borer hire throughout the UK

When you try to fit fence posts or construct a complete fence, you can hire a post-hole borer that will help you to dig holes accurately or to take soil samples. You can hire a manual one-person post-hole borer or a two-person petrol post-hole borer. Post drivers are available with a variety of augers, each sized to suit the diameter of the hole you are digging. Hire a 4" auger, a 6" auger, an 8" auger or a 12" auger. You can find a variety of hire offers on, compare prices and find the tool of your choice in your area.

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