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Thinking about putting up a new wallpaper? You can hire all the equipment you need right here on erento. We have wallpaper strippers, wallpaper spiking rollers and sanding kits available for hire. Find local rental offers and rent every wallpaper tool you need for your project.

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  • Spiking Roller Hire

    Spiking Roller Hire

    For perforating stubborn and difficult to shift wallpapers and coatings especially vinyl coated wallpaper.

    174 Locations
    1 day
  • Wallpaper Stripper Hire - Steam 110v

    Wallpaper Stripper Hire - Steam 110v

    The steam wallpaper stripper will remove vinyl, woodchip and multi-layered papers with ease. 110v -low voltage machine ideal for construction site use...

    174 Locations
    1 day
  • Wallpaper Spiking Roller

    Wallpaper Spiking Roller

    The spiking roller for hire speeds the process of removing painted papers, e.g. woodchip and other textured papers.

    174 Locations
    1 day

Wallpaper tools to hire throughout the UK

Hiring wallpaper stripping, pasting and preparation equipment is vital for a proper job. No matter if you are a domestic decorater or a professional contractor - you can hire all the best wallpaper tools right here. We offer wallpaper strippers, paint strippers, pasting tables and many other tools to hire throughout the UK. You can rent wallpaper steamers from Earlex, Black and Decker and Faithfull. Rent wallpaper tools on erento and complete your decorating job with the minimum of fuss.

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