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Would you like to renew your floors or driveway? Before applying a new layer of concrete, make sure that the existing surface is well-prepared. You can hire a floor scabbler for this task. We have multi-head floor scabblers, pole scabblers and rotary flailed scabblers available for rent.

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Floor Scabbler hire

Concrete floor surface preparation is important when laying over new or existing concrete. The best way to prepare the concrete is by hiring a floor scabbler & scarifier. You can hire pneumatic floor scabblers, hire electric floor scabblers and hire air pole scabblers. Depending on the application you can hire single-head floor scabblers, triple-head floor scabblers, our even seven-head scabblers. If you choose to hire a floor scarifier, you can hire a rotary floor scarifier, an electric floor scarifier or a floor scarifier fitted with blocks or wire brushes. Hire the right floor scabbler & scarifier here today.

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