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Looking for an LED or other large video screen? Hire an LED screen right here on erento, for example for a movie screening, watching football matches or just for a decorative effect. Find rental offers in your area and video screens in may different sizes. Hire the perfect LED screen for your purpose.

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LED & Large Video Screen hire

For that extra special presentation either at home or in a business environment you will need to hire a large video screen. Hiring a large video screen will ensure that all your audience will be able to view the finer details of your presentation properly and in comfort. Hire a large video screen here and choose from a number of different styles models. You can hire rear projection cubes, you can hire TFT LCD video screens and you can hire a range of accessories and graphic controllers that will work with your hired large video screen to make your video presentation a memorable event. Choose from our range of large video screens right here.

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