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Tow Truck - Recovery Vehicle 

Item number: 6161915712
Tow Truck - Recovery Vehicle

Tow Truck - Recovery Vehicle

Recovery vehicle hire.
3.5 ton to 7.5 ton fixed beds and tilt and slides also Twin Decks and Crew Cabs, with and without 2nd Car Lifts.
Spectacle Lift vehicles.

We can supply Insurance for 3.5 ton Ford Transit and 7.5 ton Fixed Beds
Ford Transits will carry any vehicle up to a legal weight of 1550kg.
7.5 ton Fixed bed will carry a weight of 3.5 ton.

All vehicles come complete with Winches/Beacons and Tie Down Straps.
Cost to Hire a Ford Transit for 1 day including Insurance £145.00, includes 300 free miles, 50p per mile thereafter.

Cost to Hire 7.5 ton for 1 day £185.00 includes 300 free miles. 50p per mile thereafter.
Weekly hire unlimited Mileage.

  • Tow Truck - Recovery Vehicle
  • Flat Bed Truck - Tow Truck - Recovery Vehicle
  • Tow Truck - Recovery Vehicle from Romford, Essex on

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