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Crazy Bikes 

Item number: 9522596320
Crazy Bikes

Crazy Bikes

A great event attraction! Suitable for Village fetes. cycling events, schools, carnivals, ALL EVENTS!!

A smashing set of crazy bikes, you can have simple set of 6, medium set of 10-12, big set of 20-30 or massive set of 40-50 wobbly bike items.

We have some amazing items and promise a lot of challenges, participation and fun!

Comes with operators and can be set up with our own barriers or your arena, depending on security of the event, private/ public. Staffing depends also on the event for safety and security of bikes.
Operators are trained, and can demo the bikes, in fact are tick cyclists/ entertainers themselves.

Small set is sometimes available for local hires on self operating system.

We can provide Bike stunt shows, trick cycling shows, pedal power fact do complete cycling event for you. The Crazy Bikes Cycle Circus.

Plenty more details can be sent to you to help your decision.
All heath and safety concerns are covered.
Every event is different so..the product and the final prices depend on circumstances and hire details.
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