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David Brent (Tim Oliver) 

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David Brent (Tim Oliver)

David Brent (Tim Oliver)

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Tim Oliver has been a David Brent lookalike for many years and has even worked for Ricky Gervais himself out in America. Tim not only looks like David Brent but he also sounds exactly the same as he was born in the same county as Ricky himself.

Tim knows everything about the Office series and when you are in his company he literally becomes David Brent with the same flippant remarks and self confidence. He has the Brent Dance perfected and this is his most requested action when he is out making special appearances.

Tim is a regular on the Richard & Judy show as a David Brent double for outside filming and even Ricky Gervais himself said “he is fantastic as me” when he was on the show. Tim is a regular at events and especially weddings as he is just the perfect guest to break the ice.

  • David Brent (Tim Oliver)
  • Lookalike - David Brent (Tim Oliver)
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